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Once again welcome,

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Introductions made

Thanks for stopping by I’m hoping to bring small topics and updates to the blog about wrestling discussions mainly reviews on shows and ideas and getting feedback it’s all 100 percent F.U.N if you don’t know what that means I urge you to go to youtube and watch the spongebob episode where he explains what FUN is. Yes I will do parodies, yes I will crack lame boring jokes that I think is funny but it’s all in love , I’m a huge fan of the business and appreciate what they do for a living and by showing my appreciation I reach out to you the Pro wrestling “galaxy” and connect with those for a sense of humor.

Have fun and enjoy!

Late but a review of WWE’s TLC will be posted soon, stick around


Greetings followers and first time viewers this is a new blog that I’ve decided to put together to showcase my writing, video and photo editing skills all into one blog.  Enjoy.