Check in time!

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

Not bad for a second time! What’s up pro wrestling galaxy! I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing . I’m still on my wrestling hiatus. If you have heard last night’s episode of WrestleTalk which is every Wednesday you can check out all the latest on go over there, tell ’em I sent you, also check out their latest blog post written by me. Like, comment, and post feedback, would love to hear from you all.

Watching wrestling-  I did last Saturday attend NWLKC show it was a nice time until we were met with some flickering lights and my power being out for a day and a half . I did watch a portion of Monday night Raw it was alright. I’m thinking of really watching my DVR showings of New Japan. Hopefully then I can jump back into the clear crisp pool of pro wrestling because this is driving me crazy! Anyways I’m signing off guys, I’ll talk to you tomorrow about my DVR adventures.

Until next time,

Space fans



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