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Posted: July 14, 2017 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

Tailor Usually the first question asked in a typical wrestling conversation is, "Who's your favorite wrestler." The exact same cringing, tired, redundant feeling when a interviewer asks a wrestler. "What made you want to become a wrestler?" Is the exact feeling that makes me want to punch a wall and chew the plaster. WHY DO WE ASK THAT ANYMORE. Tried and true studies have proven that 9 times out of 10 we ask that question is really just to see if the fan worthy to have a conversation with. Truly begging and itching to say the wrong wrestler. (ie. Roman Regins, John Cena etc.) so they can Kamehameha the hell out of them why their favorite wrestler is wrong. First of all STOP doing that, and secondly what is the proposed favorite wrestler, or even so much to say the greatest wrestler. Guess what, there's literally no right or wrong answer. It's the greatest to you, or most favorite to you. Each licensed professional wrestler are tailored to fit the fans criteria, whatever it may be. Strength, endurance, entertain, technique, or for the simple fact that they're attractive. Don't deny it we're all human here. But it's the truth, our heros make us cheer for them so much, even if we're not suppose to, and we have that bond that connection to them, and heaven forbid they talk to us. HOLY SHIT! Can you imagine how it would've been back in the day if the Romans and Greeks were able to talk to Athena and Hercules? or a tough competitor from the coliseum?

Also, not one wrestler is going to be the end all be all favorite for a fan. Since FloSlam, YouTube, and Fite TV have came on the scene that question should be obsolete. ( yes I did do that, let's all laugh) In my opinion, it shouldn't be there, it should be more than one- hell more than 10! You can't just pick one wrestler, it's expanded, WWE has an entire universe, hence why I call pro wrestling a galaxy. The fandom is so massive it can now become overwhelming with everything we're bombarded with...and we just can't get enough. I have not watched consecutive wrestling for a good two months because I don't know where to begin. Send help!

Well that's all the time I have today, I hope this makes you take a think under there. Comment below if you have had any experiences with this and also where should I start with wrestling brands in the independent scene! Don't forget to head over to my new facebook page HEELoverFace and look at my craziness there. Mwah xoxo

Later Space Fans,

  1. Hi! I’m not a wrestling fan, but I do understand what you are sharing here. It is a universal sentiment (at least for me it is). Whatever makes you feel good makes you feel good because of who you are. There are others out there who share similar interests (hence the belief of us all being connected). I also agree that what inspires you should not have a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ label. That’s YOUR shit and who are they to tell you about you. Thank you for talking about your truth.


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