Never say never

Posted: July 12, 2017 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

I could say I’d never depart from you but we both know that I’d be lying and that’s something I don’t want to do. So I can only say, ” I’ll try to be better.” Anyway, if you’ve checked out my blog post from my personal channel Cheap Pop Shots you’ll understand that I had a couple of jobs within the past year that basically took me up in a whirlwind, felt like a true adult for a bit and brought me flat right back down on my ass! But it was fun I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world and I’ve learned so much. That these two blogs and social media are my engines to put my purpose my goal in life into drive and out of that dumb parking lot and finally on the road to freedom! Also I will still cover wrestling just a much less format as I had in the past. I have other stuff and musings going on too you guys. I.HAVE.A.LIFE which is something I feel a lot of bloggers more so wrestling bloggers don’t explore the other side I can argue with you best matches and reviews of stuff all day long but honestly it’s boring. You’d get bored and then I’d get bored, and we don’t want that do we? Nope I didn’t think so.  So learn the many many stages of life with me as a 26 year old woman who like everyone else, unless they believe in reincarnation, is going through life for the first and only time! Let’s experience, pro wrestling, going to concerts, looking at strange people, looking at normal people, or we can just be silent.

Either way, I want you all to keep reading and thank you in advance for staying with me on this adventure.

until then space fans


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