Pro Wrestling, I knew you’d come

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

Good news everyone!
I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their wonderful weekend and I thought it would be great for me to add a little more violence and mayhem to your world of professional wrestling!
Great ends to build ups from the Hardy delete/obsolete clan defeating decay, which honestly I was pulling for but I’m glad the Hardy’s won since my old wrestling age nostalgic ways of my generation “back in the day” wrestling was so use to seeing the boys holding gold. Hands down one of the best pay per views I’ve seen in a very long time it really told a story, it tied up all the loose ends and finished the stories that were being told week after week. THAT is how you put on a pay-per view show. The Hardy/Decay match was absolutely epic from beginning to end the grandioso and dramatic. Not so dramatic that is was annoying and you can clearly tell that they’re bad actors but they were being dramatic to have fun and they presented it in such a way that everything didn’t take place in only a ring or outside on the mats. Fans like me and lots of other people go crazy for outside interference and not just because we hope that one day the fight will be taken close by us and we can touch them but just because it won’t be boring! If you guys happened to listen to WrestleTalk last Wednesday I mentioned that Moose and Bobby Lashley were possibly going to fight at Bound for Glory, but unfortunately it didn’t happen it was Moose vs. Mike Bennett (Moose won thank goodness possibly Mike & Maria can go sit down somewhere lol) and EC3 vs. Bobby Lashley, which I should’ve known because I saw a part of their press conference. Either way Lashley won and totally knocked out EC3 to retain but now he lost it to (drum roll) Eddie Edwards ! Congrats Eddie. I ‘ve been off and on with watching TNA and just seeing EC3 go from back and forth face and heel, heel to face I think I prefer him as a heel. Not just because the title of my blog but you ever have that feeling that some guys are better as just being the good guy or the bad guy? Granted,there are even some that don’t need to be either and they’re just there to wrestle; but I love stability and usually once you have that I feel like you get a more heat and passion for what you’re doing and you know exactly how to go out there and have a great match.
But enough about TNA onward to ROH & Lucha Underground: I’ll be brief I promise. I the one time after I miss a show after watching it consecutively after the pay-per-view I miss the show that seemed so interesting. It was a fun pact show. When I finally put up episode three of my vlog I will definitely share my emotions on the show as well as tomorrow’s show.


Hey guys I have a vlog coming out soon I’ve made so many promises and as always technology isn’t being a great friend right now but I hope to have it up and poping ready to bring you the some HEELSoverFACES!
If you’d like to see some more personal passionate inside thoughts, musings, and weird thoughts that pop into my head on a day to day basis about professional wrestling, head over to and check it out. share your comments and stories on here and let’s all swim in the love pro wrestling
Later Space Fan!


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