Posted: August 26, 2016 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

Hey everyone, just giving a update and review! I close out my wrestling week and gearing up for another one. Geez I feel like I have 4 jobs and three heads, going insane in the membrane. Anyway I watched 4 shows this week. Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor & Ring of Honor TV, NXT, Monday Night Raw, and a few side clips from the Talk Smackdown, and NXT: Brooklyn Take Over Two.

A word to describe it is…. okay I see what you did there. Generally that’s how I see a lot of the shows but it’s all big giant puzzle pieces. It all fits together and if it doesn’t it’s a huge mess especially from the get go that they try to make it into stories.  Ring of Honor did a nice job tying the main even of Lethal and Cole’s match together in a nice bow . And what made me stand up and applause is the not having them show up the following week rehashing what we all saw the previous nights thank you management for letting our eyes take some R&R. But they left us a terrific cliffhanger in the end with Kyle O’Reilly swoop in, knock Cole out and raise the title, oh be still my beating heart.

And because they’re all in a great box, the subconscious, giant WWE had a pro wrestling covered weekend. With NXT, Summerslam, Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, Talk Smackdown ( aka more stretched out mid cards), Cruiser weight Classic, Main Event NXT, oh wait that’s every week practically. Anyway I only watched two. Three big take away’s from all of the calamity is

  • Finn Balor loosing a belt within 24 because he’s injured and had to be out for 6 months if anyone besides me doesn’t call B.S then welcome to the party.
  • BAYLEY! Going to the main roster! She’s my absolute favorite out of all of the women today. Hands down if I could meet any of the women it would be Bayley.
  • The Miz ripping Daniel Bryan a new a-hole because DB called him a coward.

I only will delve into these slightly because they all speak for themselves and they’re on social media. Also I talked about these topics on WrestleTalk with Joe and Rene here, and you can check it out on my Cheap Pop Shot blog here.

After all of the TV time I got to join Joe and Rene for even more fun times with the hot spots segment, learn who won the contest for upcoming Metro Pro Show, vent worldwide on my frustrations verbally as well as help interview Absolute Ricky Starks. It was a great conversations and I loved the fact that I stayed on the air longer and got to express my self. I suppose all that college radio time I spent a semester was worth something hahaha.

Thank goodness it’s Friday and I can shed off this wrestling week and get ready for another great time in the squared circle. Metro Pro show coming up I will talk about it in the next post.

But for now it’s time to prop up the feet and crack open a can of beer….root beer, and watch some more wrestling.

Until the bell rings,




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