Time for a cool down:(Metro Pro Wrestling Review for July 30th)

Posted: August 3, 2016 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs
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By: Brandis Outlaw

It’s been almost a week since I graced the doors at Turner Rec Center entering into a highly anticipated show that is Metro Pro wrestling and I’m still in a small daze.

For those that are even acquainted with me even perhaps in passing knows that I love professional wrestling. I go to every show that I possibly can and to say that last Saturday was the most intense favorite nights that they’ve ever done words couldn’t describe.

The incredible hot night started before the show began with standing outside in the sweltering heat in line waiting to get inside. A few of my friends from the wrestletalk podcast that I weekly contribute were in attendance and doing a segment making predictions as well as tailgated. What made it special was one of my growing top favorite wrestlers Mike Outlaw came from out back and chatted with us for a bit and ate a couple of hot dogs. You never really have that transparent experience much in the fandom of pro wrestling where wrestlers and fans can actually have a conversation the entire time besides fangirling/boying for 10 minutes and hyperventilating.

Each and every show stands on its own and this one is another one in the books for metro pro ( que DJ kaleed saying “and anotha one” ) Top talented debuted and made returned appearances at Metro Pro among were Hype Gotti and KLD even Global Force Wrestling champion Sonjay Dutt showed up and put on incredible performance last Saturday night.

Sonjay’s match against Devin Thomas is the water from the desert that fans truly thirst and appreciate for. The reason being is that it didn’t have all the flash and style and entertainment that mainstream pro wrestling today thrives off of and can’t break from. It was pure both guys came out, shook hands and really fought for a win. No taunting, no long speech and repetitive sentences how bad they’re going to beat someone and end up cheating or losing, or spend half their allotted time arguing with fans it was absolute pure wrestling and talented. Plain and simple: No drama.

Devin Thomas ended up with the win but Sonjay graciously earned Metro Pro fans respect by saying how great he was able to be a part of tonight, and gave Thomas his blessing on become a great wrestler and how we needed to support him.

The match of all matches or as ring announcer Don Diablo says “The main event. Of. The. Evening!” Jeremy Wyatt vs President Michael Strider.

This match has been building for over a year and a half where it all started  around December of 2014 and Wyatt was facing Derek Stone Strider came out dressed as a referee and started counting when Wyatt had the pin but stopped short of the final count Wyatt confused why and then strider had his hired bodyguards rough up Wyatt from that point all the way until July 30th 2016 Strider put Wyatt against many opponents from all over the country Ricky Cruz, Matt Striker, Christopher Daniels, Money Matt Cage, Ace Steel and even survived a 60 minute Iron man match ( talk about old school huh?) against long metro Pro rival Mark Sterling.

Yet, there’s two sides to every story and Strider defends his case numerous times he spoke to the Metro Pro crowd claiming that he’s doing what’s best for the company and for Wyatt but. “He gives him credit where credit is due that no matter who he faces Wyatt knocks them down. “ (Quoted from Wrestletalk podcast on July 28, 2016) Until June 4th Wyatt  surprisingly came out to the ring after being defeated by Rhino in April loosing not only his title belt which Rhino sold to Strider for 10 grand but as well as losing his job.  Wyatt said that he still has one last match in him and he’d like to beat Strider to go out in style. Along with announcing his retirement and leaving it in the ring for one final match and especially against Strider this also meant Strider would have to come out of his 4 year retirement to fight once again. Strider giving his aviator shaded sly smirk and suddenly taking the glasses off and looking around the crowd as they chanted “one more match, one more match or the favorite “ Let’s go Wyatt, clap clap clap-clap-clap” then he instantly became perplexed and shouted at everyone under the sound of his voice . “ You want a match, you want me to come out of retirement you got it.”

Everything was left in the ring and you’d be hard pressed to find if anything was left out. The beginning was intense blow by blow definitely a brawl but it quickly turned into “who’s going to need an ambulance at the end of the night. Majority of the people, myself included with hands over their mouths, God being called, and ew look at that man he’s bloody.” We were warned before it started that we may needed to get out of the way should it spill out of the ring, and did it ever. Jeremy throwing Strider down into a pile of folding chairs which cut his back, then again into a folding table which completely gave Strider a red bloody mask completely gory and gruesome, total primitive.

During one point of the match both men were on the second and third turnbuckle and you could see at Strider’s profile blood leaking, spewing out like a punctured bag. Another time on the opposite side Wyatt had Strider cornered and he wiped strider’s blood on his shirt in an x and then flipped him off, blood dripped on the floor in front it was a total chaos like watching a grisly horror movie. The best of the year. Every time I go to a Metro Pro event they top their last show every single time and it’s only going to get better.

Wyatt came in at the end and pinned Strider for 1, 2, 3 count and the entire place erupted! President Strider was carried out by a couple of bodyguards and about 3 refs. Both men bloody and I’m sure bruised. Wyatt stood in the ring and streamers thrown like the image of Ring of Honor when a wrestling talent leaves the company, and gave a heartfelt speech. Thanking everyone and the fans many times over but as well more so encouraging the fans to invite people and come for everyone that is in Metro Pro’s locker room how much they sacrifice to entertain us. Incredibly smart and courteous especially to those that will continue to be here after he’s left the company.

Now like a Lost episode, there’s questions left unanswered. What happens next? Metro Pro is in the middle of have a tournament for the vacant Metro Pro Wrestling championship that Wyatt use to own. What will Strider focus on now that Wyatt is gone? Will Wyatt be the mystery Santa this year? Come back as the president? Or is he truly done for good?  Will the wrestlers who gave into cheating their way into Strider’s good graces rule over Metro Pro or will there be a revolution with all the good guys coming together to overthrow Strider. Who is the next guest superstar to grace those gym doors?

Next event is August 27th at the Kansas City T-Bones stadium at 7pm guests include Tommy Dreamer, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan along with many of Metro Pro’s favorites. This does count as one of the Metro Pro events but this doesn’t seem like the classic story line driven Metro Pro show, to me it feels more like an exhibition as this is the first time that Metro Pro has done something like this. It’ll be interesting to see. I hope to take part of the VIP package that they’ll have!


Until the bell rings!



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