And anotha one!

Posted: August 3, 2016 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

Hey pro wrestling fans my goodness it must have been another 86 years hasn’t it? Insanely busy with working and trying to keep things a float. Now that it’s quiteted down on my job and I have a more concrete way to stay in tune with my love for wrestling I can make posts again.

If you all didn’t know already every Thursday you can hear me live on the WrestleTalk podcast with Joe and Rene in my very own segment called hotspots where I give the review and opinion on WWE then Ring of Honor, Lucha underground and other Indy shows that are coming up. (here’s the part where you come in) you can definitely feel free to call or message them and ask questions. It’s very fun I enjoy doing it, I only started a month ago and get this guys. I have my own theme song! Granted I have a theme song from my webisodes but I thought hey why not have¬†a heavy metal band¬†express my emotions to the masses right!

Any way great time I have a couple of things I’m thinking about later this year doing to expand my horizons with this blog. I have this link to the wrestletalk podcast in the link ,that you guys can listen in every Thursday so, tomorrow night, below as well as my new twitter and Instagram handle that I’m revamping to make it cater to more of my pro wrestling world. Currently, I’m working on a script for another webisode and I hope to have it published to you guys soon be on the look out for that and yes you can and will expect more blogs from me on both this page as well as the digital electrifying communications blog .

Until the bell rings,


WrestleTalk Podcast with Joe & Rene


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