It’s Been 86 years….

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

Since my last post well happy new year everyone and I pray and hope everything has been going well with you since my last post well if not then join the party of hoping for the best in 2016! Things will finally look up for you. and more posts from me ! Personally, I’ve hopefully gotten in a repetitive groove with life , that way I can plan things around it, fun things! Like give you my opinions on what I post about wrestling right?!?! Right anyway let’s dive on in, into this puzzle of wrestling shall we. Honestly friends and fans I have dropped the ball and haven’t kept up with anything WWE, Lucha Underground, TNA or ROH, and honestly this year I don’t plan too, it causes stress and headaches and holding myself to give you all repeated feelings and thoughts or shows I’m sure you’ve all seen perhaps occasionally I’d throw in a review of Lucha underground because that one seems to be a more favorable promotion for me right now because it’s unorthodox in their program.

But my new year’s resolution was to see more promotions in person other than metro pro and to go to Wrestlecade this year, which I just happen to discover it this year; sounds like so much fun! And it’s the last one so it has to be written in the stars for me to go. Also did a little digging (and I use that phrase lightly) of promotions called GXW in Richmond, VA that seems cool to visit, I checked out their YouTube videos and the talent there is different and quirky and interesting group I look forward to seeing more uploads from them.  I hope to bring you all more interviews and thoughts from owners and pictures from promotions. Our focus on New wave Arts and Entertainment is a majority independent wrestling. Gotta go talk to you all real soon.

~Brandis JO~


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