A long, long hiatus!

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

Welcome back pro wrestling galaxy since now we’re calling everyone astrology names why not just stick to citizens or members like we’re in a secret club. lol anyway I’m sure you’ve hopefully wondered where the heck fire did she go she said she was going to do this weekly, monthly , or something? Well my dear friends I must tell you that thing called life certainly got in the way of keeping you all updated on the goings on in the pro wrestling town and has taken a backseat to graduating, paying those pesky bills and trying to have that mysterious thing they call,sleep.

It has been a long time so if you’re like me and is crawling back out from under that rock let’s go over a few monumental moments that happened within the past few months. A few that stood out like a giant skyscraper in the middle of a cornfield in Tennessee was WWE Superstar Kevin Owens coming over to Raw and dominating their top guy John Cena I have a can’t help but love Cena relationship but the fact that we finally have a superstar who truly has the “I don’t give a S*** what the powers that be says I’m doing this attitude, ” written on a script format or not it made me get off my couch and give Kevin Owens a standing ovation.

It honestly didn’t stand out as much to me but the fall of Russev was a bit interesting only in writing style I honestly believed that they were going to end Russev and the Russian persona with “An American beating him in a brawl, but no it ended with….wait for it ….a woman getting in the way and not only a woman, the woman of women Lana.” Like one of my favorites in entertainment talk show history Wendy Williams, Lana I consider “to be the friend in my head” she’s different in a sense not like the current divas roster. But in such a way treated in a fashion of the classic women of the 50’s. Some fans believe it has all to do with the “Give Divas a chance” campaign. Honestly whatever it has to deal with it the point was blunt and archaic if you wanna call it to Russev particularly a little bad timing but hey it ruffled feathers and gets people talking which is an amazing and wonderous thing I love about WWE they push the envelop so far and step on toes at the same time observe that it’s still. entertainment.

Going to other promotions, Lucha Underground and TNA I’ve become more found of, Ring of Honor unfortunately not so much and just like trying a new food I chalk it up to not watching it closely as I do the others, could it be because of Jimmy Jacobs not being on there anymore? Perhaps but it still sucks that to me it has seemed to loose it’s luster since switching recently over to the national tv which is outstanding, the interviews and lack of guest interviewing isn’t shown. I get that there’s only you can do so much in an hour, time is definitely money; but oh well it’s okay I’m positive there will be greater things happening in the realm of Ring of Honor.

I’m going to make separate posts so that way each brand/promotion has it’s own little post and not this giant wordy one. I did miss posting here and thought about it all the time, never forgot. I definitely hope to post more and really have a lot of relative posts by the end of the year and not scattered ones. Keep in touch everyone.

Until next time.


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