Happy New Year!!!

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs

As we settle into the new year trying to keep our resolutions in a choke hold, this post will be brief compared to the first few,

First order of business HAPPY NEW YEAR PRO WRESTLING GALAXY! I hope you partied hard got drunk , went out with that guy/girl in the club that was hiding most of the night in the corner of said club , and the next day you woke up and got out there as fast as you could before they made you a “stay with me forever ” breakfast , good for you , if not well that’s one more person that can watch and read this blog. HORAAY!
Let’s start off with some good ol’ wrasslin’ RING OF HONOR, bare with me for a few weeks as I haven’t watched it in a very long while, more so a year. So I took a good two pages of notes. There were a few names I remember and others I have no idea. But let me catch up and I shall hopefully be on the same page with you guys.

But let’s talk, in reviewing the last episode which was December 20th, 2014. Oh it was so good! I loved it oh the main event was impeccable I haven’t seen any match that brutal and use of so many weapons including taking apart the ring and using it against a talent in such a long time, dare I say ECW or last week when I watched CZW, See what I did there?
Anyway as everyone and their brother knows, WWE decided to leave 2014 with a huge reminder that the authority is still in charge, basically in case if you didn’t know who ran WWE, (writers) but the true face of WWE. that didn’t make sense did it well neither did the broadcast. Ryback giving us a promo of his career from when he started all the way to present telling us that he’s going to defeat never pinned never submitted Russev. Seth threatening to curb stomp Edge (an ultimate favorite of mine) if Cena doesn’t bring back Stephanie and OG Triple H. Which he did. Of course being the fan I am and we are; we’re upset how dare they do this to us WWE fans we wanted good matches and blah blah blah but you know what we might make fun of it and curse and type our feelings out online as fast as our wrestling fanatic hands will go but we’ll be back in that chair, couch, bar stool, floor (with a pillow because hard floor hurts our bottoms) on Monday Night Raw 8/7c!

Personally, I think it was alright I would’ve loved to see Mizdow (Damien Sandow) hold the titles just a bit longer, a bit longer (because he’s my favorite too) but like a lot of other fans said…. maybe this is the writers way of starting to put him back on his own again and see how the fans take to him, which he’s much popular than to when he was “THE INTELLECTUAL SAVIOR OF THE UNWASHED MASSES.”

Can’t wait to see what they’re going to have tonight since there wasn’t a mention of special guest or anything but let’s be ready for lots of foreshadowing, “Best for business” tag lines, and the ever so lovely voice and spit coming out of Mr. Paul Heyman’s mouth saying “BRRROCK LESNAR” Just wanted to get this posted up so you guys won’t think I neglected you.
Video for the month of January will be up this Wednesday at 5 pm central don’t miss it, I will be covering ROH , WWE and also New matches that have been announced for Metro Pro! Along with so extremely corny skits. Don’t forget to subscribe! Stay cheesy and classy fans.
Until next time,


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