Posted: December 21, 2014 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs
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Besides the bigger wrestling promotions, there’s always local independent ones going on and my personal favorite is Metro Pro Wrestling. I’ve only started going in the summer of 2013 and although it’s been my third time going, I’m always a happy giggling school girl or a kid at Christmas when I go. It feels so much more intimate, and the cost, oh don’t get me started on the cost. a chance to sit front row doesn’t cost much and to say whatever you want and be heard from the stars is fantastic too (as long as it’s appropriate) but I never met so many cool wrestlers even those that are widely known like A.C.H and Mike Sydal and Adam Pearce.
Adam Pearce was the first guy I saw when I started watching Metro Pro. Sydal technically was because my mother gave me a newspaper that had an article about him in it, but once I looked on Youtube at the archives list, Pearce was the first guy I saw. He’s incredible; he really gives a sense to me of what I remembered watching Stone Cold and the Rock use to do back in the day. Making his presence known, it was just when he talks you listened, and his in the ring skills matched his badass attitude it was just like yeah “I can side with this guy.”
Instead of getting into each match and who won what because like the other review I just posted, this one is old as well (The event took place on Dec. 6th) but, I’m still reeling on how cool it was to actually go seven feet behind the seats and talk to the wrestlers out there. I remember running, well not really running but I turned and he was right there into a wrestler called Mad Dog, very well known throughout Metro Pro and I’m sure through the Indy promotions but it was my first time witnessing his talent and I fell right in line with the other fans cheering him on. I didn’t care, I truly have no favorites when it comes to pro wrestling; everyone gets a A++ in my book. I told him that he did a great job and so did everyone else back in the locker room. And it’s true they did. The show was great and I even think I got some pictures taken of me. Only because I sat front row, and I may have shouted out some comments towards the wrestlers when we were cheering or booing but hey it’s all in fun right?) ^_^
Like any shopper who scores big deals at a store, I walked away a happy wrestling fan that. I can’t wait until January 31st for the next Metro Pro event it’s definitely going to be great! Already it’s been announced that Jeremy Wyatt will take on Christopher Daniels for the main event. I love Jeremy Wyatt because he’s metro’s own, so yeah I’m biased. But in all honesty, I rarely heard of Daniels I just know he was really famous on TNA but I have no doubt he’ll definitely make the show worth being a part of as a Metro Pro fan.


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