Better Late than Never: Tables Ladders and Chairs Review

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Pro Wrestling Text blogs
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Yes, it’s three weeks late, I get that; but it doesn’t mean we still can’t talk about how awesome it was, well, for me it was. Anyway, STING made a great appearance and although it’s got some tongues and jaws moving, he just did appeared , showed up, put a move on HHH and left; one thing for sure, they’re carrying this appearance all the way to next year’s slammys probably .
Which brings to Dolph winning the Intercontinental Championship again; Horaay for Mr. Ziggler! During this match it was excellent yet, it felt like the beginning was a bully match to me, meaning that most of the time Luke would throw Dolph around, into a guard rail, on a ladder, body slam him or knock him down when Dolph would set up a move.
What I do appreciate is how much now Luke and Erick are coming into their own as characters; as we’ve seen them mostly behind Bray Wyatt giving stoic stares and giving punches to Brays opponents when given the chance but, it’s nice to see that each have taken a side and are not caught up in both being considered the bad guys. The match was good and they each really gave it their all they ended up with a lot of cuts and bruises. OUCH!
Another match I would like to cover was the Usos vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow (Sandow), I say Sandow you say Mizdow. Tomato, Potato; Anyhow for those who are not aware, the Miz in the past Smackdown’s and Raw shows have made passes towards Jimmy Uso’s wife Naomi; telling her that he could get her into Hollywood and have auditions for top movies and shows. Jimmy, if you know how Jimmy gets being on Total Divas, gets irritated and would come out and punch Miz square in the jaw; Damien of course would follow suit and get on the floor. HAHAHA we all laugh. The match of course ended with Miz hitting one of the Usos with the title resulting in a disqualification, making The Miz and Mizdow (Sandow) winners but still the title holders.
My reaction? I love The Miz and Damien Mizdow (Sandow) favorite guys ever since I saw them in 2007 and 2012. It wasn’t until oh say last week that I saw a few matches where they worked together in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) It is cool to see them work together a few years later in the famous ropes that is WWE; while it’s really fun to finally see Damien gain a massive follow, not like he’s never had it before, but it’s definitely being vocalized every time he raises his hands. I feel like all superstars that are shown love from their fans love it and appreciate it. I’m so anxious to see when Damien is going to capitalize on his fans and stop mimicking and actually do his own thing; whether it’s going back to being an intellectual savior of the unwashed masses or becoming something different whatever it will be I know for sure he’ll do an excellent job.
Because this review is so late I’m not covering every single match but Roman Reigns is back. It’s great to see him just give out superman punches during the John Cena and Seth Rollins match. All I can say is welcome back and keep doing what you do best, punching and body slamming people also yelling before you tackle people. Good Job
Of course those who watched knows what happened but being the analytical or nitpicking person that I am I noticed a lot of words that were used repetitively over and over and over (you see where I am going with this) again. My reasons are my own, but I’d like to point out some of the over used words they used during the TLC pay-per-view which was “Demolition derby” “Social Media get involved” “Freak” to describe Luke Harper and Rowan “crazy” “Lunatic fringe” for Dean Ambrose even mentioning that Dolph Ziggler had “Krispy Kreme eyes” because “they’re glazed over.” Did anyone else notice that? I found it way to amusing, I mean come on does Dolph even like Krispy Kreme doughnuts? I thought that was fun to mention because the commentators can say some pretty vivid metaphorical things and I always get a kick out of it whether I’m laughing or I sit there confused ready to give them the business.
WHEW! Congratulations we’ve made it to the end! That wasn’t too hard now was it? I know it was just as hard for me because I was writing this long thing. I hope you got something out of it if not let’s just take a deep breath and exhale. Coming up very soon this week will be a video blog. Next week, I’m hoping to watch other wrestling promotions like an episode of ROH or TNA and review those instead of just WWE. Have a great Holiday you guys, Merry (Insert holiday here).


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